Game permissions to bypass Paid Access

Right now, you are unable to set a game to be Paid Access and select which people can get in.

You can give permissions to individual players or groups to “Play” without giving them editing permission via Game Settings. Setting the game to Paid Access requires players and groups that have been given access to pay the fee in order to join the game.

It becomes a hassle to own an Paid Access game when inviting VIPs/Influencers. It requires them to pay the fee. Some may be reluctant in paying, and therefor the Game Owner will need to do a one-time group payout for the fee amount and then trust that they buy the game. This poses a tedious chore and unnecessary expenditure when inviting several VIPs/influencers.

Enabling the permission to bypass Paid Access with groups creates an incentitive for players to join a certain group; promoting either a Game Owner, VIP, or Influencer’s group. It will also create an incentitive for a VIP or Influencer to negotiate exclusive access via their fanclub/group to Paid Access games.


You are already able to create a whitelist to allow certain players and groups. You can also configure so that only a set rank is able to Play within the group. If you remove access, they can still vote on the game.

Inside of Studio, go (Home > Game Settings > Permissions) to open this menu. (Note: you need to have Team Create enabled.)

Ultimately, the reputation of a game depends on the Developer’s decision making. It is a Developer’s responsibility to make sure that they seperate Testing from Production. This feature request is to allow Developers to comfortably give access to VIPs/Influencers to join the Production places and play with the game’s growing community without needing a factor of trust and expenditure.


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