Game Player Base Series - Part 1: Getting Players

Game Player Base Series - Part 1: Getting Players

This is the first part of a series of tutorials called the Game Player Base Series. If you would like to support me please complete the survey at the bottom of the page. This survey exists as I’m trying to gather data on premium payouts and player engagement on roblox. If you do fill out the survey it is much appreciated.

Tutorial Parts

This tutorial is all about getting players to play your game and below is the different parts of the tutorial in a list. Some parts are a bit more detailed than others.

1.1 - Title
1.2 - Icon
1.3 - Description
1.4 - Thumbnail
1.5 - Final Credits


Your game Title/Name is a crucial part to drawing in players to even click on the game page which in my opinion is the most important part of getting players to play your game. Now your game title can be very influential in a number of ways.

One way your game title is very influential is because it decides where you game title comes up in search results and you can use this to great effect if you plan it carefully. For example, if your game is a remastered version of the game Arsenal a good name for that game would be something with Arsenal in it such as Arsenal Remastered. Why? Because it has a chance to show up when a player searches Arsenal in the search bar. Now the top games based on visits are the ones which get put near the top so even if your game has no concurrent players but you have say 500,000 visits your game would potentially be near the top near Arsenal.

Now there is a reason I specifically used Arsenal as an example because if you were making a remastered version of Arsenal called Arsenal Remastered and an active player of Arsenal sees your game they will automatically be more interested in your game because Arsenal is already a front-page game and it has a large player base.

So for a Title you want to pick something which has the same word of an already popular game which is similar to your game because if a player of that already popular game sees your game they may be more inclined to click on your game.


Your icon is a highly influential factor in getting a player to click on your game. Now I need to make this clear but if you want a player to click on your game you need an icon similar to your game’s title. Now I’m going to use Arsenal as an example here but in my opinion the current icon Arsenal is using is perfect for the game because it can link back to the title of the game. Now when someone thinks of an Arsenal they may think of a weapon which is displayed in the icon which instantly links back to the title making the two sort of combine making the game look more appealing.

In short, Pick a icon which is catchy and links back to your game’s title. For an obby you may want something like a rendered picture of the overall obby because it links back to what your game will be about.


Far to many times i see descriptions like this:

I myself am guilty of making descriptions like this and I have to say. It’s just not appealing or good at all.

An example of a good description would be something like this:

This description is way better and is appealing. Now why you may ask? Quite simply it’s a lot less writing, Nobody wants to read through an entire essay so get to the point! Roblox developers seem to feel obliged to fill their descriptions with tags, asking for likes etc and it’s just not needed! The only thing you need in a description is a two line description of what the game is about, Link to an update log and a group shoutout if you have one.

Developers seem to forget they have a whole game and instead think they have to fill their description with asking for players to like and favour for an example. The thing is though most people reading descriptions probably have just for the first time clicked on your game page and you’re already asking them to like and favourite the game most likely before they even played it?

In other words: ‘Only Do What You Gotta Do’


Now the thumbnail is most likely the first thing a player will see when they click on their game page and so this is where you want to put in lots of information through an image. Now this doesn’t mean to fill your thumbnail with text but instead put pictures of a players store if you have some sort of tycoon or show pictures of players in a pvp match if your game is a pvp game.

Show the player what your game offers and this can be incredibly easy through one image if you do it right.

Final Credits

Now this tutorial wasn’t incredibly detailed because it shouldn’t be, I’m only here to give you basic advice on how to choose what you do with say your title and the rest is down to you. However if you do want some advice feel free to message me or reply below and i will respond asap.

Please complete this survey about premium payouts and player engagement as it helps me complete a research project im undertaking:

[Premium Payout & Player Engagement Survey (


Would be great if I could view the survey, Thanks!


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Sorry about that it should work now?

Great, Thanks. I have submitted a ‘response’ and you should have gotten the results.

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Thank you! That is much appreciated!

Form Issue

Is it really necessary to require an email for something like this?


If the OP’s intent is to guide developers on how to market a “remaster” of a game to the existing playerbase, then please disregard the text below.

That is not necessarily the best way to go for new games. If I made a shooting PvP game but the mechanics are not necessarily like Arsenal’s nor are they intended to be, then it may come off as misleading to put the word “Arsenal” in my game’s title.

No I guess lol?

Just wanted to clarify based on my response to the survey, my game was pretty basic for anyone who knew it’s inspiration, so it didn’t need a tutorial.

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An email is required so people can’t spam responses.

The point of the example i used was to give an example of how you could use the same word in your title as a popular game/genre of games. Now this does not mean you exactly copy the name but pick a word which people would search for when they are looking for a specific game. A better example i could have used would be an obby as when your naming a obby its a very good idea to have the word ‘obby’ in it because people who would be looking for an obby would most likely search up ‘obby’ in the search bar.

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I always despise myself for disliking what others say very often, but I’m just so upset after seeing this.

In here, you said that there is a number of ways to title your game, but here you only said to take titles from other games and recreate/remaster them for your own gain. You never said we should credit the creator, either.

How would you feel if you got a popular game and someone steals your game and title, plus content and just names it ‘remastered’? I don’t want to get too ahead of myself though because perhaps you have an explenation or there’s something I’m not seeing?

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One thing I wanna point out is the description. While bloxburg does have a clean and small description, due to it getting already enough advertisement from the front / recommended page It wont work for every game. Suggestion: Adding tags to your game’s description always helps with search visibility on the engine. You don’t see big games do it due to their games getting plastered in the discovery section.

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