Game plot feedback

Currently making a universal trilogy to a game of mine.

This is named Flesh: Year 5000

I need feedback on what you think of this.


Its year 5000. In year 4086, a meteorologist at a base of NRWF (National reliable weather forecast of robloxia). They discovered many strange messages from signals through outer space. They made audio files. These files contained strange voices. There were 4 messages recieved from that forecast. The national robloxian government decided to warn all robloxians that these were fake and were not real. However, they made a mistake. The space shuttles have tried rejecting the strange ufos coming from outside the milky way making their way to ROBLOX.

The first UFO crash landed into a place where scientists have discovered strange alien technology. This technology contained ray guns, alien reciever messages and gauntlets that can blast unreal lasers that can dominate entire cities or even planets if the gauntlet is in outer space.

More UFOS have landed onto earth. Each one contained 8 aliens and the space team decided to guard the milky way.

The aliens were not happy and decided to destroy space shuttles and parts of earth. After that, only 13 ufos went to earth and no more.

Scientists discovered that these aliens give birth to over 5 baby martians. The scientists contained alive ones in bases. Not much aliens survive when they land.

The scientists got a virus known as the “martian plague”. This virus is 100% fatal in robloxians. Scientists inspected their blood, dna and more. They got the virus from the aliens harming them.

The virus spread from each robloxian is by coughing, sneezing, saliva contact or germs. On the second day of the virus, eyes start changing, your skin starts turning green and you become an alien. This virus was a very deadly pandemic and people were not allowed to leave their homes unless they were vaccinated.

No vaccine existed for this but in year 4087 scientists thought they found a cure. They brought in animals and tested on one. That animal broke out of the testing chamber and bit one scientist. The scientist started spreading the virus from each scientist until they left.

This virus affects the valves of the heart and some parts of the lungs. On the 3rd day of catching it you start becoming a complete zombie. This virus IS curable. In order to cure it, doctors wore beaked masks to avoid mouth contact. They put multiple needles in you and put you to sleep with a needle that makes you fall asleep. They did this surgery for 0$ and they had millions of doctors to cure this. But there were nose holes in the mask and most doctors caught it.

By year 4097, un-infected people were brought to a base created by NSRT, a team that protects people from zombies. They contain these people for life to keep them safe. In year 4099, all of the population has drowned out of the earth. In year 5000, the NSRT had released some people.

These people were transported to a place called “the afterlife”. This place is surrounded by a huge area called the danger zone. The danger zone is full of unfortunate people who have became zombies. It is full of danger, fearfulness and unknown monsters.

NSRT released only 7 people into the afterlife because the area was full. In that containment there were many fights, drama and other stuff. They did this for the sake of safety.

When you wake up, you discover you are trapped in the afterlife. You are now either left to die in a glade full of safety or destined to escape the afterlife and be safe.

But you have no clue what happened on the outside, its up to you to see whats ahead…

So, is this plot good? I need feedback on what you think of this. I would like to see if you guys would like this game’s origin.


The story is perfect but some younger players might not understand the story leading to confusion on what they are trying to do in the game. Are you targeting a younger audience or older?

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Targeting an audience for 13+. This game does contain corpses in the danger zone and graphic stuff like zombie carcasses and things players 12 and under may find disturbing. There is blood on walls and tally marks on walls marking days spent inside. Its easy to get lost and not find a way out in less than 3 minutes. Theres scary stuff inside like screams and messages that say “NO WAY OUT” and other stuff that can activate agoraphobia. This game will take a while to make.


Seems like something out of a story game. Unless the game your making is a story game I don’t find it useful to have a full plot.

The plot itself seems a bit unrealistic and unreasonable in some parts, but other than that it isn’t too bad. You could try making the story longer, as it takes less than 5 minutes to read in words.

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This part isn’t allowed under:


The rest of the plot sounds pretty good. I like how you allude to COVID without outright saying it.

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Thanks, although I have thought that laughing gas is allowed on roblox but now you point it out i now get it. I will change this part.

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The game is here! If you would like to play it you can play it here:

THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST PLOTS I’VE EVER SEEN!!! Just change the word martian to something else because they are not from Mars.

Ya, I noticed that too, it sounds like covid.