[Game Preview] BloxWarrior

Heeey! Hi there guys. i created a basic First person shooter game to have fun! :smiley:

its really advanced.

you can battle with your friends , flex your skills , troll your teammates , help them to heal And more!

here is the game link for teh people which wants to test my game.


epikly good btw


Nice! But first did you make all models, textures and codes yourself?
When i joined the game and i selected a gun it zoomed in and i could not move which way i was facing so i could not aim is that a bug?
Second, the maps

Maybe make a real door and not a random texture on there that would let it feel much better and it looks out of place in the map.

In the lobby (is it a lobby i could not really tell?), the stairs are kind of messed up.

Third thing, I really hate it when people just copy work from someone else because i see that this map is ‘Agency’ from Arsenal.

I played this game for about 7 minutes and that is what i found.


Seems like there a few collission issues in spawn.

And try and make your own weapons, since those are the default ACS weapons and I also doubt you made some of the maps.

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Not to like call you out but It’d be better if you were to actually build your own maps and not steal them, I believe as a Developer you should be putting in all the effort and not just stealing other people’s work without them knowing. A lot of stuff there seems like free models and broke a lot that’s why I suggest whenever making a game stick to what you’re able to do and ask others for help.

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I think you have a lot of free models in this game:

This might mean you have malicious scripts from free models.
The guns are free models and you have stole them and the map is not yours.

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Ah yeah im totally really bad at building soo the lobby kinda sucks and its really empty.i ll going to fix it soon

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let me find where i got this free model thingy. thanks for the report tho btw

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eh im not that good at developing stuff but i made this game for fun. i used to create showcase stuff and yeah i started to create normal games in this days.

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yeah i really need to fix spawn. the spawn at the office always bugs out and it starts to annoy me.

i totally converted this game. the old name of this game was retro battle. which you can battle with old roblox stuff in old roblox maps.

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You didnt create most of the assets in the game, you stole them kinda.

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not like stolen but yeah used in another game.

Currently I don’t think there is something I can say about the game, its kind of just filled with free models. I really recommend rebuilding the game with your own assets, free models although can be used, aren’t the best option.

Agency is actually from Counter Strike, Rolve stole if for CB:RO(now Counter Blox) and they just kinda remodeled it for Arsenal.
That map is Cache, from Counter Stirike, also stolen for CB:RO, and remodeled for Counter Blox.

Those are all just free models, looks like the only thing made by you is the countdown.
It’s not locked in first person, backpack UI isn’t disabled, overall, just a game I wouldn’t ever play.
If you want to actually make a decent fps, look at this tutorial, it has all the correct practices you’d use for a successful FPS.


I’ll going to do it soon as possible. this game is still in beta so yeah there is alot free models for test purposes.

If I Lookup WB In The Toolbox The Weapons Are On There And All The Maps, Did U Even Make One Thing.

Most/all of these assets are free models. They are fine to use but it makes your game feel completely inauthentic. I recognize the crouching/laying animation as well as most guns from other games. I laid down and I couldn’t stand back up.

It makes me not really want to play your game when it feels like you have put no effort into it. It’s buggy and it doesn’t have any originality or original models even to it. Remake it yourself in your own authentic way.


map system and radomizer thingy

You need to press x to stand up.