Game promotion system?

I thought about make a system where you pay 100 robux and you can put the ID of your game, someone can promote his game and remove your game being promoted, and will work for 12 hours until the server gets removed.

I should make it? Or add something or I shouldn’t make it?

Its perfectly in the ToS i think. A game like Notoriety uses the exact same system, where you bid 100 Robux for 1 day, 1000 for a week, and 10k for a month or something close to that.

If you want to see it in action, go to this game:

Person299’s Minigames does it, so it’s not violating the ToS or anything

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I know it’s allowed but I should make it?

If you want to and know how too, Then yes.

If you have the capability and know how to make it, then you can

Terabyte Services thing?

I have used something like this in my Game called player stats,

It cost you 5 robux to run an ad (game or shirt) for 24 hours.

So it is allowed.

The only thing I don’t know is how do I create the system to the ad be active for 24hrs in real time.

I have used os.time() for the 24 hours system

Could you show me an example? I don’t know how to use properly

Detect when the player buys the product when they do it will find the id,
Then it will get os.time() and store it in a data store (Start Time),
It will take os.time() from the start time which is the Data store,
Then an If Statement will be used and the value for the >= in the if statement will be 84600 so like this

if os.time() - datastoretime >= 84600 then
print("Time ran out")
print("Ad Running Stilll")

Just because another game does something doesn’t automatically mean it is allowed on Roblox. I would do your own research and decide if something is or isn’t allowed before you put it into your game.

It depends on what sort of game you are making and whether it fits within your games theme/narrative. Lets say you are making a community orientated game then sure make a feature like this. A good example of a game that this feature will fit into is a game like this: However if you are making any other sort of theme of game then I would advise against a feature like this because it will feel out of place.

I would advise against a feature like this because you are essentially advertising your game to only tell players to play another game. A feature like this could be very hurtful to your player base. There are a lot better ways to monetise your game than selling an advertising product.


Brilliant Idea! I might use it in my game.
The user can promote his game. Your game will get popular because players will join just to advertise their game!