Game Publicity Advice

I have a game that’s been in development for 9 months now, and is currently in Beta. I have a plan for trying to get publicity for the massive update, but I am unsure as to how I can get publicity for the game. Any advice?

My current budget is about 3000 Robux for advertising or sponsorships.

The game is a Star Wars fighting game of sorts, combining elements of Star Wars Battlefront and other melee combat games I’ve seen on the platform.

I have a small community of about 20-40 people, and I plan to release teasers of new content up until the games release, where a week in advance a trailer of the game (which will be the main menu intro of the game) will be released to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc. On the day of the game’s release I plan to put all the Robux i’ve got into sponsoring on Xbox and PC platforms.

This is my game’s Icon

This is the current thumbnail

This is the first major game I have ever developed, so any advice on trying to get publicity for the game is very much appreciated.


If you have about 20 players minimum, this means that there is a chance their friends can join. You could have some sort of reward system for getting more friends to join.

This way those 20 players (Taking it at worst case scenario) can each bring along a few friends. Whether or not they stay in the game is another thing, but if they game is good its likely numbers will multiply this way.

To have a better chance at starting with more than 20 players, you can put up advertisements. Personally I ignore advertisements and go off of what my friends are playing, so its your call as to if you think its worth doing.

I put together a script for this as I will most likely use it myself as well.

	local FollowId = Player.FollowUserId
	local Players = game.Players
	for i = 1,#Players do
		if Players[i].UserId == FollowId then
			-- Reward both players