Game published in a new place, all my animations doesn't work?

  1. What do you want to achieve? Hello, I published a new game a few hours ago (which I worked on from another place), and on the new place all the animations (which I created on roblox studio) do not work on the new game. They work correctly on Roblox Studio or on the old game place (and studio too), but in the new game nothing. No output error nothing, everything is the same. Do you know if it sounds like something normal and it will recover? Thanks

Roblox did a bad feature where if it’s not made in that place then it won’t work.

your answer
This should be in game design support

(Oml i think roblox just removed my post)

The animations must be owned by the owner of the experience or if the experience is under a group, then it must be owned by the owner of the experience’s group.

Hello, the animations were created by my username and I transferred to my group which I am the owner. But it doesn’t work. It’s really bad from Roblox, I took several hours to create these animations

You need to reupload the animations under your group.

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