Game publishing with old version of script

This is an issue ive had a few times as a POWER USER… This is what happened this time (Today): I opened my Team Create place, clicked on an already opened script, scrolled to the line i was thinking of editing, double clicked the ‘and’ operator into just the letter ‘o’ before i decided against switching to the ‘or’ operator.

But i noticed i could not undo my keystroke. At this moment i suspected that the bug would occur again. Studio not recognizing a script change? idk

I typed back in my ‘and’ operator, *hit ⌘ + S which should save my script changes * and published. I go into the game and it gives me this error as if the ‘o’ is still in the script.

I publish 5 more times and keep trying to get the script changes to apply but it doesnt work. The script runs fine in Play Solo in studio.

This bug has actually inconvenienced me greatly in the past, when it published a completely broken version of the core script of my game which had like 15k ccu completely bricking the game for everyone for like an hour. I looked back at the code like how is it throwing these errors ??? The quick solution i came up with then was to copy all the text in the script, delete the text, save it like that, paste the text back in and save that, and hope it didnt try to publish the blank version. This happened probably some time after last spring? Sorry i cant really remember…

I dont know how to reproduce this, it just happens to me sometimes. All i know is it only happens in team creates. Usually im the only person in the team create so i assume its only happened while im alone. I dont script with anyone else so thats not really a factor

mac os 13.5.1

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


Enabling LiveScripting mode for your places may resolve the issue. (Live Scripting is set to become the default mode of TeamCreate in the near future). I assume this bug is with the old scripting behavior since you mentioned it also occuring sometime last year.

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I’ve also experienced this bug, and I was using team create. Publishing the game would not actually change scripts (unsure if it was the whole game, or just scripts). The same syntax error would show, even though I’ve fixed it already! This was maybe a month ago.