Game pushed down the game list

  1. What do you want to achieve?
    So, i made a dropper game and have gained around 28,000+ visits from it. Basically when i search for the title of the game “Dropper” i find that my game is #78th in the game list for that category. The reason im confused by this is that
  2. the like to dislike ratio is positive and more than the games above me.
  3. the game is much older than the other ones.
  4. it has more favourites than most of the ones above me.
  5. it has more favourites than most of the ones above me.
    What is the issue?
    Id just like to know if theres a reason for my game being down so low in the game list even though i get an average 150+ players a day, i know this is a small amount, but its FAR more than the ones above mine.
    What solutions have you thought of so far?
    ive made daily updates, announcements, everything possible. any advice would be appreciated.
    ill link the game below if you wish to preview it.

The same thing happened to my game too, I don’t know what the problem with it is.

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its bcuz of ur name. it doesnt have a ton of visits, so it wont be auto sorted like jailbreak, mm2, etc. all fo the other text in the games name makes the word dropper a lesser percent of the title (so more words means the word ‘dropper’ has less search value) which is why a lot of games put in tags which will say random things

tl;dr make the title shorter so the word dropper takes up more of the title


i mean under this type of game search, im overtaken by games with 10 place visits and botted games with so many dislikes its unbelievable

tbh roblox doesnt really play in things like ratio and stuff mainly just visits (and concurrent players if its a lot) but all of the searches are broken (like group searches r really messed up)


its unfortunate becuase ive a good amount of players right now, yet im wayyy down below the games with 0 visits and stuff. Still sittin at #78th :confused:

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