Game randomly disappeared from Top Rated sort

My game Zombie Stories was in the Top Rated sort ranging from spot #2-#6 on the front page for almost a month until yesterday it just completely vanished. I understand the possibility that players could be not rating the game as much or putting more thumbs down (unfortunately), but I don’t think this is the case. We kept our average player count and it was spot #6 yesterday around 5PM MTN, and then around 7PM MTN it was just gone. We didn’t publish any updates that would have caused players to dislike the game more than usual, or touch the game really at all. To my understanding, the Top Rated sort gets updated more than a month (obviously), so if the case was that players were not liking the game as much, wouldn’t that result in my game slowly falling down the sort instead of just completely disappearing? Any explanation on how/why would be great! This is important to us because we received a lot of traffic from being in this sort, and hope that it was a mistake that we were taken out. I’m just a little confused on how we were able to stay at the top of the sort for so long and then completely disappear within 1-2 hours.


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at this point, not even roblox themselves know how that sort works anymore, sometimes you see games with 50% on there

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I’m not even sure how roblox calculates their ratings anymore, some people say it’s based off of dislike to like ratio, others say it could be based off of game visits. I just assume it has something to do with your game traffic, but this could be a website or engine bug. If your game was still getting the same player count and everything + the ratings, yet all of a sudden just vanished from the top rated category then something definitely is wrong and it can’t be because of your like to dislike ratio.

Yeah… I wish they’d give us some more instruction so we can get our games discovered better.

Yes, exactly! We were there for the whole month of July, so maybe they took us off to give other games a chance? But then again, Bloxburg stays there for months at a time… if not years. It also seems like the Top Rated category is handled automatically instead of manually. Really confused what happened here.