Game randomly disconnecting players

Not sure why but lately my game has been randomly getting hit with this error that seems to close entire servers due to “internet connectivity issues”, and not sure what is causing it. I know this isn’t an actual error with my internet connection as this has happened to many of my players based on feedback.

When rejoining the same server, this error appears:



-affects all players and not just one.
-servers seem to last 16+ hours or more from experience (added an in-game timer), so this seems to happen randomly
-the last update that started causing this issue added a pets system, not sure how this would affect anything but it does store and access datastores when players join and leave.

Any common problems that you all may know of that cause this error to occur?

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Try making the game public and then private, then public again? Then maybe copy everything into a new game if it has no plays.

Ive gotta bump this because it’s still a rampant issue, even after transferring places. Doesn’t seem like it’s only my game now either. Something happening with the roblox servers?

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I think this is an issue with Roblox’s servers. I randomly got disconnected from a game I was playing yesterday with ID=17 and couldn’t rejoin to any of the games’ servers for about half an hour.


What he said. This issue must be fixed.

I believe this issue was caused by a script I was using that had been exploited (NexusAvenger’s VR, used a require so there was nothing I could do on my end to prevent it), will report back with any other findings. Apparently the issue is fixed now according to Nexus.

Edit: Hard to say if it is the VR script as it still is happening, staff reached out and said it was due to an OOM error (out of memory) and would cause the server to crash. I have since gone and started optimizing any scripts I can.

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