Game Repeatedly Shuts Down Upon Joining

I don’t know which category of bug this should be classified as, probably client, but I’m not sure.

On my alternate account, whenever I try to join the game I have on that account, it will give me a “This game has shut down” message every single time. I tried in both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge to no avail. I need to join on my alternate account so that I can see the server script errors. This problem occurred last night, but would stop after a few attempts of deactivating and reactivating the place. Just now, though, I tried that trick a few times and, of course, it kept saying the game crashed. There is nothing in the code of the game that would cause this to happen as it worked last night(when I could get it to). Hopefully not too many people are having this trouble playing their own games, but this is an issue(for me at least) so hopefully it can be fixed or someone can help me find a fix.

Sorry, I wouldn’t have any clue how to reproduce this.

EDIT: I just got it to work once. I still have no idea what is causing this.

Does this happen to you only at one specific game? If so, link that game.

It only repeatedly happens in my one game(rather not share) and it happened a few times when I tried to join a random game like Prison Life just to see if it still happened.