Game revenue estimate (Mario Kart-based game)


I’ve been working on a Mario Kart-based game which I am hoping to receive a bit of money from, but I’m not much of a professional builder. I’ve made a recruitment post, but didn’t realize until I’d already been unable to answer the question: “How much will it pay”.

I’m expecting to receive money via group revenue, so developers (depending on quantity and quality) will receive up to 50% of group funds. I don’t know how much to expect out of this game, so could I get help with an estimate (based off of experience) of the total group revenue?


The beta version of the game can be found here.
I am aware of possible copyright problems, I will do what I can to avoid that. Any copyrighted assets in the Beta version will be removed when the game is complete.
If there is anything wrong or anything that can be improved with this post (category, quality, etc.) please let me know!


Are you sure this won’t get copyrighted?
Nintendo takes copyright serious.

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He said “Mario Kart-based” so I assume that means It’s nothing to do with Nintendo’s property like assets, names, styles, etc.

The game is called Mario Kart Roblox


He says “Mario Kart-based game” I doubt he’s calling it Mario Kart…


After playing your game, there are three things I find wrong with this statement that should be avoided on all Roblox games.

  • Taking assets from another company (specifically Nintendo) can get your game completely taken off and result in you getting some sort of strike depending on the action taken.
  • Expecting to make money off of another companies assets is not good in any way, and it is actually disrespectful.
  • You should read more about copyright, but here is a small summary of what Roblox has to say about it. Basically, do not do other peoples’ stuff without permission unless you want your game removed.

Now after saying all of this, you should probably make you game more original. In this case, you should use your own assets (i.e. map designs, obstacles, karts, power-up items, etc.). Then, and only then, can we really give you decent, constructive feedback on monetization for your game.


This is quite an intriguing game idea. A couple things though.

  • Making the name “Mario Kart” is almost guaranteed to get your game taken down once it gets some traction in the community.
  • Karting style games are not that common, but MeepCity has a karting mini-game that is very popular, so keep that in mind.

I’m not hoping to make anything off of any of the assets currently in the game. They are just ideas of what it will look like when it is complete.

I’m not totally sure.
I guess this isn’t a very reliable reason, but there was a Mario Kart game created by the owner of ‘Flood Escape’, and the only reason it’s not up is because of ‘external IP inclusions and development issues.’ So… I guess it could be copyrighted, but I’ll try to avoid that. (I’ll try not to use any textures, meshes, sounds, or images not created by me or other developers in the complete version of the game)