Game reverting does not do anything

In a game I’m trying to revert to a past version, reverting appears to do nothing. When viewing the game in Roblox Studio both before and after the game is reverted to a previous version, no differences are observed.

Game affected: [NEW BUSES] VAMOS Bus Simulator - Roblox

Expected behavior

Game reverting should change the game to the selected previous version in Roblox Studio while not affecting the published game (this is how it is supposedly intended).


Did you click publish to Roblox as, instead of publish to Roblox? Then select your expeirence, then the starting place (I assume you wanted to change that). This might be a fix.
Screenshot 2024-06-12 165028

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Someone I did a commission with told me about a bug that I was unavailble to fix so I suggested they’d revert to a previous version but they was also experiencing this problem so matter if I suggested publishing to Roblox, keeping everyone out of studio or waiting a few minutes.

It seems to have been going on for a bit of time now and the reverting system should be revamped a bit to simplify the system.

Is this a team create place? I think those update automatically multiple times while building, not like a single build place.

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It wont work, he claims that he is not observing any differences in studio, not the game. He is comparing 2 versions in studio only to find out they are exactly same. Therefore game reverting is broken.

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I believe the reason is because roblox still thinks you’re still in studio. You have to wait around 10 minutes until roblox sets your status as online, and not in studio.



This bug is in regards to Roblox Studio, not in-game. Publishing shouldn’t have anything to do with this.

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Hi Real_BenTheMiner! Thanks for reporting this issue. I am wondering if you could describe the steps you are taking to revert the game in Roblox Studio. Happy to take a look at this and I hope we can get this resolved for you.


It’s the usual process:

  1. Exit Roblox Studio
  2. Go to the game version history page
  3. Choose a version to revert to
  4. Re enter Roblox Studio and see no changes
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Thanks for flagging this! We will look into this and update when we have a fix! There is a workaround currently. If you open your place in Studio and go to Game Settings > Places. If you click the … on the current place, you view the version history. You can then click on the version you’d like to revert to and open it in a new Studio window. Let me know if this works for you!


Just wanted to pop in here and say I’ve also been experiencing this issue, so thanks for looking into it! It’s quite annoying sometimes because you think it’s been reverted, but it actually hasn’t and you don’t realize because the two versions are very similar.

Do keep us updated with progress.

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I didn’t know about this. Thanks!

If it is true that the cause is because the Roblox Studio session had not fully closed, a solution should theoretically be to ensure that all sessions are closed whenever a game is reverted.


Or just show an error if a Studio session is open, it’s unintuitive and gives you the false impression the version was reverted successfully if there’s no error shown.


Likely what is happening here is not that the revert is not working but that the open session is saving over the revert which in effect voids the revert. We are looking into a way to fix this so that you do not get this confusing behavior. Will keep you updated!


Got it. Thanks for the explanation!

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Hey again!

Just remembered that this safeguard exists when trying to publish an experience to another experience when someone has an open session for the experience being published to.

Maybe you guys could use a similar solution to this, as it prevents the issue occurring here with reverting to a previous version.


Hi Roman! We are looking into implementing a similar safeguard to help mitigate this issue. Thanks for bringing this up!