Game Scripts works in studio but not ingame

So this is really annoying, I’m basically scripting a game that’s supposed to be a Teleporter to all of my other group places but the problem is this. All of my scripts and GUIs work perfectly in studio:

but the result is quite different in game(nothings working):

Thing is I haven’t really used a Client to Server model or really tried to adjust the game for FE but that’s because it’s gonna be a 1 player Server game so it doesn’t really matter. I’m not quite sure what the problem is and I’d appreciate if anyone could address the problem or tell me how I can solve it I’m really confused.

Thank you


It does matter. In play solo, the client/server are the same so it works fine there, but even in one-player-servers, Roblox uses the client/server model. You will need to make your game FE-compatible.

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Oh man, that’s new to me Thank you for pointing that out

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Assuming you’re using a script instead of a localscript?

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