Game seemingly vanished from all game sorts

My game just disappeared from my home page and favorites the second I shutdown for an update. Help D: 🎉 LEGEND DOMINUS 🥚 Egg Simulator - Roblox

The game is completely missing from my home page when it should be appearing on the Continue Playing and Favorites sections. It’s also missing from the Rthro sort and I can’t run sponsors if the game doesn’t appear.

I shutdown at 800 players and now I can’t get more than 500 because the game doesn’t appear anymore now!!!



Looks like the issue is happening again for Greenville. I’d say this is critical, but is it really if it’s not causing widespread outage?

This issue, when it happened the first time, completely crushed our game’s concurrent player count to numbers we haven’t seen in months to years.

I feel so lost not being notified or even hinted at what is happening here. We’re going to lose all of our players again. I’m afraid I’m going to have to find a new job… and fast.

EDIT: Looks like us not being on Featured anymore may be unintentional as well. This is our first time being featured, so I was thinking we just got removed for the next batch to come in, but… nah, we were removed early thanks to this shadow ban of sorts.
I’m starting to believe that this has nothing to do with a shadow ban or bots and is just a… very, very damaging bug.


Having the same issue.
My game is not showing up in Favorites nor is it in Games Tab (about 800 players).


This isn’t a bug, Roblox is working on a new shadow banning implementation to prevent botted games from reaching the front page. I would suspect that contacting support with the details would be the proper way to attempt to get it removed.


Can you confirm with evidence or some sort of source as to how this isn’t a bug? And if you’re absolutely positive, why/how has there been multiple very clearly botted games with thousands of players on front page that don’t get shadowbanned for days and we do despite not even botting?

And I severely doubt that they just picked a few games to “test” the shadowban on. I just want to know what’s happening.

Piece it together - people using the “soft shutdown” script, which teleports hundreds of players around your game at once; shutting down for an update, and all the players rejoining.

I wouldn’t think that this is a manual system - it’s automated. It’s not a “test”.

Not sure about you, but I haven’t seen any botted games on the front page in a week or two (that’s when they added this system).


So does this mean you have no source? We’ve even removed our soft-shutdown script which makes all shutdowns severely tank in players instead of rapid joins, so why did it happen again if you think that’s one of the causes? What about this “pattern” makes this proof of the issue’s cause?

Melon Simulator and Monster Simulator were a few. Had 8K-11K players, very clearly botted if you just continuously scroll through the servers list. Monster Simulator was there for a couple days and Melon Simulator was on for a few days and was shadowbanned for a day before being un-shadowbanned.

If that’s how this bot system works, why has Greenville been shadowbanned for longer and received it again today despite not botting at all…


This just happened to me and is very concerning. Would be nice if someone from roblox could give insight on this situation.

**Edit: My shadow ban is now lifted!

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This just happened to my game Car Dealership Tycoon after yesterdays server issues on Roblox. The game normally has three times more players. Would be nice if this could be improved in any way.


It looks like this game is being botted, and the developer themselves posted on Twitter that they have no idea what is happening. If they aren’t lying, does this mean a malicious user could just bot somebody else’s game and cause them to get taken down or shadowbanned? I know as a fact this didn’t happen to Greenville as it was definitely the update we launched in addition to a soft-shutdown script (careful monitoring of the Servers tab was done), but if other people can get games shadowbanned by botting them, this is truly terrifying and will be an insanely easy way for devs to immediately lose everything they’ve done and have worked for.


Thought I’d drop this here, just for the record for anyone trying to solve this:
My game (which was shadow banned for a couple days, described above) does not use the “soft shutdown” script, and it’s very unlikely to have been botted, being paid access.

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This exact same problem happened to my game over a week ago. The problem was fixed, but has happened again for the second time like 16 hours ago. Hope Roblox can resolve this quick!


Experiencing the same problem with my game. Problem started Monday and is yet to go away. Player count dropped over 1k players and It’s just really affecting my motivation at this point.


The game is back just now! Thank you for taking action right away :slight_smile:

We have 16K+ Players right now but our game isn’t on the Front Page


What is going on? I nearly had a panic attack!

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Its difficult to get proof of the change to shadowbanning as this is an internal change and not something that would realistically be publicised, in light of those who would attempt to use standing policies to develop a workaround. You kind of just have to work off of assumptions. Regardless of soft shutdown or not, the system is probably flagging you due to seeing a massive increase of players over a short time.

Shadowbanning, if anything, seems to serve as a moderation queue so moderators can surface-investigate your servers and confirm the legitimacy of its player base. Better this than to be banned for artificially inflating player counts. In the past, instead of being reviewed, you’d just be banned for exploiting to the front page and it may not even have been your fault. These games could also last longer on the front page and potentially harbor bad content.

Your game may have been shadowbanned multiple times assuming the system is automated and it detected player inflation twice over. There’s no information and you can expect there not to be any for the sake of keeping security practices discreet.

The issue has since been fixed which is very relieving, but…

Are you saying that since we were “shadowbanned” instead of immediately banned, we should be appreciative? This left us completely in the dark with a massive revenue and concurrent playercount hit. I appreciate Roblox attempting to filter out the fake, botted, and cheated games, but not notifying developers at all of what is going on when your game effectively gets taken down is terrifying.

Especially when it’s your only source of income…


Yeah, that’s pretty much what I’m saying. The lack of notice to shadowbanning is a major deterrent especially if it’s not perfected and is prone to false flags, but it can’t really be helped either. It’s one of those things that you have to grit your teeth for, no matter how annoying.

A response from staff would probably be appreciated to notify us that there is an active change on-going to prevent bad actors from manipulating features to push their games to the front page at the very least. I don’t like being kept in the dark and I can see how infuriating it’d be to get shadowbanned without prior notice.


This just happened to me. I dropped a big sponsor on my new game and after a couple of minutes it was hidden from sorts, favorites, etc. Yet to be fixed as of this moment. Anyone looking to sponsor a game drop, beware for the time being!


This just happened to my game right after a YouTuber uploaded a video on it.

It’s even disappeared on the “Rthro” section it was in.

I’d appreciate some help.


This just happened to my game after I ran two 50,000 Robux sponsors on it. Would appreciate any help on the matter as well! Would agree with Frigitec and say be weary of running any sponsors or ads on your game until Roblox can fix this issue!