Game server crashes a few minutes after the server is started

so when i join the game when there it takes a while to load in then after a while the server crashes we can’t find a problem and there is also lots of parts in the game has anyone else had this problem? if so how did you fix it? I have never had this problem before only in this game. The whole server also crashes its not just client side.

Are your parts anchored did you use any free models if so give me the links to them

we didn’t use any free models and everything is anchored

could you show me how it crashes?

it just tells everyone in the server that they lost connection then if you try rejoining the server you get error 17

Maybe check your internet and go into your game again, I just read an article about error 17 and it says to check your internet.

its not just me it happens to everyone so its not just my internet

What type of computer are you using?

it really doesn’t matter about my computer when it’s happening to everyone do you not understand this is not just local

Try searching it up on the internet to see if there’s any helpful resources, I’m trying to find a good video about that error code for you.

Have you tried anything in this video? (if it doesn’t work please tell me, you also may need to re install studio)

you said your game again how many times do i have to tell you that its not local

BanTech had created a reply on another topic about how to fix it, not sure if it works for the entire server not just one player though. I’ll leave you a link to the topic, see if that helps.

and what have you done to fix this?
Please try to fix it yourself before coming here, and dont be toxic jesus christ.

Take a look at all your scripts, make sure there are no memory leaks or really fast loops.
A lot of parts can lag your place out, try to keep part count to a minimum.

This is something wrong with your game, not anything else.


Are you using the new videos in your game.

BananaThief have you tried any solutions for this problem? I spent the afternoon looking for solutions for your problem but found none