Game server list

  1. As a developer and player it’s impossible to see which servers are new or old. We can only make players forcefully join a new server by shutting all of them down. (With new server i mean new update/version.)

My request is to include the servers version number (Basicly, the version number of the game, as it is in ‘Version history’), or the time the server was created. A “Latest Version” indicator would also be a great way to do this.

Edit: I’m not sure if the Play button already forces players into the latest version of a game, but if it doesn’t, i feel like this should be its default behavior. However, I don’t think it should be above automatically following friends.

  1. Having to browse through 200 full servers before finding one that has at least a slot free is also quite a waste of time.

Inverting the order so that the emptiest server shows up first, or instead of “Load more” have a number of pages that you can go to like the catalog. Eg << [3/291] >>

Feel free to leave feedback on these ideas or other suggestions in replies.