Game servers randomly shut down

So, Firstly- I didn’t know where to post this. So I’m posting it here.
Secondly- I am NOT the game developer, I am a moderator and tipper for them.


So, I was playing TNRP and the server I was in just shut down out of no where, I know the developer didn’t do this because he isn’t awake at this current time. (5:00? AM)
We have had issues with UGC items crashing servers and such- But that was reported on the devforum some weeks ago and the issue seems to be fixed, because we blacklisted most items.
But the thing is, The fullest server can sometimes just shut down.
I can’t really provide any logs, because I don’t have access to the console but we keep thinking this is Roblox Servers- Even though they seem to always be working when the servers shut down.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Or is it just TNRP.


you should be posting it on #help-and-feedback:game-design-support
only the owner/ admin could shutdown the server
also as far as i know if roblox down you will just get Disconnect/ error code 268/etc


Ah, Thank you. I have edited the main post to be in that topic/category.

I know that only a owner and admin could shutdown the server, But there was no staff member online who has access to the moderator panel- And the mod panel doesn’t even have a function to just shutdown a server.

So this is very confusing, because everyone else got kicked out alongside me.

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