Game Settings > Avatar : Player Choice option

Turning off the some or all Player Choice option does not let me save?

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Can you be more specific?

Does it not let you click save?

Or does it let you click save but when you back to change it it’s not changed?

Yeah, after clicking save it still does not change.

Yeah, I had this issue once before. If you disallow Player Choice for an avatar option, you must specify a valid id to be used for the box beside the checkbox. You can’t leave it blank (and apparently you can’t fill out a random input either).

In the red box, if Player Choice is unchecked, then you have to supply an ID. You cannot leave it blank or fill it out with an invalid asset.

An error message would be nice to have, but none is given.

Oh that is awesome too I guess, but what if I want to use that and have a blocky R15 package. Is there an ID for a blocky R15 package?

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I haven’t a clue. The parts R15 are built from are MeshParts, so you could probably run a test server and try using the MeshId of the part. Not sure that’d accomplish anything, though. In this case, you’re looking to either use a package swapper or StarterCharacter,