"Game Settings: Could not fetch permissions for universe" (USING BETA FEATURE)

I can’t access the Game Settings dialog at all in my game Welcome to Farmtown while the beta feature “Game Access Permissions” is enabled. Figured whoever is working on this feature might like to know.

The universe ID in question is 1128795217.


same thing has been happening to me too, another beta freature (Lua VM I believe) was also preventing script changes from publishing for me.

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Is this happening on every open of game settings or periodically?

This happens on every open of game settings with the beta feature enabled.

Is your game published/team create is on?

I’ve identified a potential issue, working on a fix.

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Yeah, it’s on. Oddly enough, I tried turning it back off and then I got kicked out of Team Create a few times until I turned it back on. I’m not really sure what happened there and I can’t seem to reproduce it, but I’ll let you know if I can at some point.