Game Settings isn't working

This topic should be in Platform Feedback Studio Bugs, but since Roblox’s Forum is well made, I can’t… BRUH
Anyway… I keep this topic in Development Support
For about yesterday, I needed to work on HttpService but it isn’t enabled for… I don’t know…
But to enable it, we must use Game Settings in Roblox Studio, but for some reason, it doesn’t work… :thinking:
When I click on the icon for Game Settings, it does nothing… It’s like when you make a plugin that make a button which isn’t connected to anything…
And using the Game Setting of Roblox’s WebSite doesn’t help at all… :expressionless:

Can you help me to resolve that?


I tryied with a game place file (obviously, don’t work)
And with a game place (on the website) and it doesn’t work!


I can confirm that.
I have same problem.

This is probably the single hardest post I had to read in here… Even worse than any instant message group I had to deal with.

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