Game Settings under "Avatar" and "Options" should be usable in offline files

As a developer, I sometimes would like to work in an offline place with plugins that need access to HttpService to fetch some content (such as script syncing plugins like Rojo, or plugins that pull modules from Github or whatever other kind of content). At other times, I might be working in a project in an offline file that needs non-standard avatar settings.

I would like a single unified flow for toggling these things that is the same between offline and online place editing. We have the Game Settings widget in studio now, however, the options under the “Avatar” and “Options” sub-menus (the latter of which hosts the HttpService setting) are greyed out in offline files.

As a workaround, I have to manually type in the command bar in offline files:

game:GetService("HttpService").HttpEnabled = true

This is inconvenient because I really should just be able to do this via Game Settings. The HttpEnabled value is stored inside the place file, so this should be possible without the Game Settings option for it being greyed out. I also think that the chance of HttpEnabled becoming a candidate for deprecation in the future is decently high, considering the way Game Settings is progressing and this being (normally) a more user-friendly approach, so then this feature would become even more important to have for offline files.

The same should be true for the Avatar settings especially since there is no other way to toggle these in offline files (no workaround like with HttpEnabled). These settings should not be greyed out in Studio and the value of the settings should have an effect on the offline file in Play Solo / Test Server/Player.

If Roblox is able to address this request, it will become easier to work in offline files with plugins/game modules that require HttpService access, and easier to toggle the avatar settings without needing to upload it to a game first.


Avatar Settings will soon be able to be modified in unpublished places :slight_smile: