Game suddenly breaks

Hello, I am having an issue (I was going to post this in Engine Bugs but not sure if it is). There is something weird happening in my game. I haven’t use free models and If I do, I remove all their scripts. The bug doesn’t happen in studio and none of my scripts are crazy. The plugins I use do not insert malicious scripts.

The game suddenly breaks. (The client side disappears completely) is like getting kick but not really, no error, neither warning messages are in the output.

– All ViewportFrames breaks and disappear.
– The character freezes and I ain’t able to move.
– Everything stops working.
(The game Freezes)

This bug happens mostly when I leave the Roblox App to go and do something else, then when I go back in like 10 seconds. The game have disappeared. (I can’t post any scripts here) I am pretty, pretty, pretty sure the scripts ain’t the one causing it. I am not crazy to destroy my own game.

Is this only in your game or does this happen in other peoples games too for you?

No one has reported this bug in my game, I have a discord server, and no one says nothing, neither in my Roblox Group.

Perhaps it can be slow connection or something, Or maybe the game has too much client memory usage if so Optimize the game you can find more info about that in Roblox Developer Hub Optimization

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The amount of memory is around 450 MB → 600 MB

This is unfortunate! While you could be sure that you remove and check scripts fully, try press ctrl shift f simultaneously and search for these things:


If anything out of the ordinary pops up, be sure to get rid of it. The people who put viruses in models usually hide them far away from what the actual script is meant to be, check if theres a long scroll bar at the bottom and if there is, theres a high chance something isn’t right.


Maybe it’s not a ROBLOX bug, do you have any problems with your computer or anything, because if the game has disappeared from your computer all together after you’ve come off it, it could be something outside of ROBLOX.

If he is using module scripts that he made which use require then he should be fine for that.

Hmm I would say slow connection or you may have a back door

I had a similar issue with a ModuleScript. It broke my game because I forgot to add a comma

Of course! I said this though lol

You can also search in the explorer for “script” and remove any scripts that you don’t recognize.

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So, I just checked there is no rare scripts, just my Module Scripts, no result for getfenv

Okay, you are fine for that part, just incase, try this plugin from @MightTea, it checks your script for potential backdoors and allows you to swiftly clean them or open them and remove the backdoor.
[UPDATED Common Virus Detector] MightTea Cleaner 2

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Maybe check for any mistakes in your module script. That guy said he forgot to put a comma and it completely broke his game. Might be happening to you too.

Should I try and reinstall the Roblox App? I haven’t done that since last update. (I will try to replicate the bug)

I mean, I haven’t done anything bad to my computer and is 3 years old already, I don’t have Anti-Virus but when I check using the Default Virus Check of the computer it doesn’t detect Malwares.

Sorry for making this topic, Yes is the connection. Roblox needs to fix the error Core Message cuz is confusing. It isn’t showing and you stay in the game. I just disconnected from my Wifi and yeah it did the same thing.