Game suddenly knocked out of search results

What I want to achieve?
Making my game searchable again

What is the issue?
Weirdly My game recently got knocked out of search results and I went from 2.5k MAU to only 100 MAU. I figured out that the roblox search engine has something to do with it and that the search engine changes every 1-2 months.
Some games like mine have been knocked off by searching having no other way to access my game other than visiting my profile. I know this for a fact because my game gets 80-100 active visits everyday but now it get around 10 and also that when you search up “eat chips” (my game) you get unrelated results and get game that have “eat” and a unrelated word than chips.
I am so close to receiving the bombastic crown of o’s and im disappointed by what happened and now am crushed trying to receive it.No I do NOT use ANY ALTS/BOTS for MAU
Screenshot 2023-03-06 5.06.20 PM

What solutions have I tried so far?
There is no solutions other than fixing the search engine like having actual related results on what your searching.

Any help would be appreciated. (This is my first post ;-; )


Also to note that I do not use any extensions

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Did your game get moderated in some way, such as the description being deleted? Or did you change your description recently?

My game did not get moderated but i have recently been working on a subplace for it.
I did change the description often until i took a month long break from updating it.

I’m not aware of all of the reasons why something might not be appearing, but I had a game of mine go unlisted after the description got falsely flagged and moderated. After getting it appealed and restored, it was listed in the search results again. So my only guess is there’s something that Roblox doesn’t like about it that’s preventing it from being searchable.

You might also want to contact technical support about this as they’re more likely to respond there. Just make sure to copy everything you write in the submission as there are some bot emails you have to get through first (as they’re designed to filter out FAQ stuff), and you’ll likely have to repeat yourself a few times.


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