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Thank you for reading my topic on what I am willing to discuss about. I am willing to get suggestions on what kind of game idea is the most popular genre these days and what most players from the community desire to play.
I have tried RPG games but they seem to lose players quite quickly after a while since the game gets boring for most players when they just go through the same things all over again, I wanna know if there is a game genre where the game is interesting even if it’s the same things all over again.

[If you are a game creator and have a few games that gain a few players from times can you share some ideas/suggestions in what I could improve on when creating a game and what sort of game it should be?]


You can’t find one singular game genre that everyone will love not even the majority of the community.

Even if you made i.e a horror game you’d still get some backlash from members of the community who normally loves horror games because it doesn’t have some of the features they’d like etc etc.

Make the game you’d like to make and attract the playerbase you’re aiming for and hope its a large one, now if you’re asking to make an “easy” game with a lot of grinding etc and want to attract a lot of people easily make something like shutter a simulator game.

If you want a game that keeps the same playerbase just start with your own game a listen to your community.

It’s not a concrete answer I know but theres just going to be a lot of variables.


just make what’s fun to you, so even if the game is a flop at least you had fun making it


Please use the search bar, there have been way too many topics about this. But just Incase you don’t want to, I’ll give you my version of how you should go about doing this:

Step 1 - Game Idea

Making a game idea is easy, but many people over think it. You would need to know what it would be, how it would go, the certain order things move in, and would players have fun. Like I said above, get a popular game and make it your own, flood escape + parkour, flood-kour!
VERY IMPORANT: IF YOU WOULDNT HAVE FUN MAKING THE GAME, DONT DO IT!!! Why make a boring game and spend time into it? That’s just bland.

Step 2 - Questions

You need to plan a game out, what would it be, would it get you any revenue? Would it get popular, what do I add to make it mind-blowing? These are just some of the few questions that many ask before creating a game.

Step 2 - Rough Draft

There are two ways to doing this

Way 1

Get a pencil and paper, sketch out the layout and blue orient of your build. Join some ROBLOX games, take kailbreak for example, you would want to make jailbreak 2.0. You would take some thing from the game, add it into your sketch, and give it a @joelbloxx style!

Way 2

Do the above, but instead of using pen and paper, you could make rough drafts on ROBLOX, it would take longer, but it might increase your skill, in building, scripting, what ever you do.

Step 3 - Game Idea Feedback

Now this step is very risky and many developers do this after they make a game. You could ask people for there opinions on your game idea and blueprints, but like I said, it’s risky, if someone really likes the idea, they can steal it and make the game before you.

Step 4 - Making the game

Making the game isn’t going to just happen overnight, if it does, that means you didn’t try. Depending on what the game is, it could take up to a year! That’s highly unlikely, but I’ve seen games that have taken up to that. Maybe, a game could take 3-4 weeks. If it takes that long, that means you put effort.

Step 5 - Playing/Testing

You would want to maybe post your game link somewhere popular and gets some people to test your game out with you!

Step 6 - Enjoy the Game.

You’ve finished, now you can take a break and relax!


Personally, games that have a story or quest appeal to me. An example game would be Loomian Legacy. I keep coming back to that game even after I’ve completed all the levels (also, they update it every couple months with new stuff)

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Guess i have to point out the obvious, the known current games are all repetitive,

Main reason why they are still holding the users is because they focus on visuals, and the repetition is fast-paced, so if you wanna get on the fun part, you can anytime.

Other is that they put alot of importance in “reasons” to ever come back to the game, Ninja Legends, for example, have expensive high tier pets, and literally the best method to possess more of the pet currency without mass struggle is either Purchasing it or wait for 6 hours for Bonus to respawn, and not just one.