Game Suggestions

Hey Developers,

I want to make a game. But I don’t know about what though XDD. Please suggest some ideas. Thank you for the help :smile:

I recommend making a Story Game! They get good traction and have active players! It is also a very fun experience to make them, creating dialog and all!

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Maybe try to think of some original ideas that haven’t been done a lot on the Roblox platform. Coming up with original ideas can sometimes be hard, but there are just about an infinite number of things to create. One method to come up with ideas is to think of random words, or use a random word generator if you feel like you have to. If you are only wanting to get into development for the money, I suppose you can follow the trend of making simulator and story games, but if you want more than just money I suggest you come up with an idea that no one has ever brought to the table.
As long as it is not a standard simulator but something good like bee-swarm simulator or vehicle simulator something original.

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@jonbyte @MrDankM3mes I dont like simulator games. I want to make a story game.

You could make a story game, but if you do I suggest you add something that makes your story game better and different from all the other story games out there.

@Ashp116 If my suggestion helped you (Story game), Please Check it as a solution! Thank you, and have a nice day!

Please search before you make a topic as this has been posted before.