Game Tags

I feel that we should have a system of setting tags for our games, 3-5 tags for the games. Then change the search engine to use those tags + the title instead of going based on description and title. I don’t feel the description should be used for searching.

We always have those issues of people spamming a massive wall of tags in their description, and since it’s not technically against the rules, a solution would be tags.

This is a perfect example of a type of game that spams tags just to fish people in and get easy visits. I mean what would stop any of us from doing it?

By having a tag system, we should be able to set whatever we want for it, but only 5. I think 5 would be enough, so for example, my Navy command game could have “Navy, RTS, Strategy, fighting, military”.

And I think putting “THUMBS UP AND FAVORITE FOR FREE VIP” should be against the rules, For one, the Thumbs up won’t give you VIP as it is not possible to detect, and that is misleading.


Yeah this would be cool. For instance, my game Angels Fifteen: The title alone does not shout “aerial dogfighting game” at all, and yet it is. If players are looking for a dogfighting game and search for it, they’re only going to find games with similar titles/descriptions to the search.

So yeah, I like that idea.


I like what the nexus does:

You’d have a large list of tags that the community voted on, and once it reached enough votes, it would be added as an official tag. The game owner(s) could add their own tags to that list, but people would still have to vote for them. This would stop tag-scamming outright. It’d also be nice if this was implemented for groups. You definitely want to be able to search by group type (searching military doesn’t bring up many good results because it’s based on group name), and you don’t want to leave it up to clan leaders because they have already proven they can’t handle that kind of responsibility with the false tags they spammed in their descriptions. Community-voted tags would work for groups too.


I think that’s an okay idea, but would you spend the time to vote for tags? I wouldn’t. Heck even a good portion of the community doesn’t rate a game they favorite (or frequent).

Yes, people will do it. But the amount needed to become a tag would have to fit the situation.
Also the image is scary, too many options; needs to be simple.

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“Free items for everyone once tag is accepted!! Go here to vote!!!”

If there’s one thing that doesn’t go together, it’s the ROBLOX community and things like these.


This is still a heavily needed feature. If this was a thing you can easily find games that you are looking for.
Example; if I enter the key phrase “first person shooter” you’ll most likely find games that arent even that, or are just have that key phrase in their title.

I’m surprised this feature isn’t in roblox yet. Most game browsing websites have tags for their games, such as steam,, etc.