Game taken down because of user input

About a week ago, Roblox moderation took down my game:

Moderation record

Game link

Group Finding Center - Roblox

My game allows people to write custom text on signs and billboards. Everything goes through Roblox’s filter, so I don’t control bypassers just as I don’t control people who bypass the chat.

I know of many games on Roblox that also allow custom text.

Solutions I tried:

I sent an appeal to Roblox immediately after the game was taken down. It’s been a week since then; I’m worried that I’ll have to spend twice what I originally planned for ads to boost the game’s momentum back to where it was last Thursday. It’s frustrating.

  • Are games like this allowed on Roblox? If so, what sets the banned ones apart from games like Bloxburg or Retail Tycoon where you can also write custom text on billboards?

  • What is expected of devs to moderate their game?

  • Is it possible that Roblox will compensate for lost momentum due to moderation mistakes? This may sound like a silly question but I’m sure there are creators out there who understand how seriously a new game can plunge in a situation like this.

  • How long do game moderation appeals take?

Thanks in advance

Give it some patience, or contact roblox support about the misleading issue.

Contact @Mod_Review_Requests and tell them the issue.

I already sent an appeal to Roblox support. In this post, I’m hoping to learn what exactly is not allowed/allowed in games, so I can prevent this from happening again.

I couldn’t find clear guidelines in ToS about developer responsibilities.

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