Game Teaser Trailer Feedback

Hello, friend! Thanks for clicking on this post!
I’m looking for feedback on my trailer for a new game! Anything helps, even if its slight details or your opinion on it!

Currently the trailer is only 2 maps and the weapon system.

Trailer: Teaser Trailer - YouTube

the music doesn’t really fit in with a person just simply reloading a gun
music doesn’t fit in.
you don’t really get that much of an idea of the game(what it gonna be about) from the trailer. 5/10 marks

@ItsPlasmaRBLX, it’s just walking with a gun, we need action, and better looking Gui, looks like your game’s not ready to be released. The GUI looks old and there is little editing for the teaser trailer, overall 3/10. Bad job.

It’s suppose to be like that, currently there are no zombies due to the pathfinding. This is just an early sneak peek at the game, not the actual trailer.

The fans won’t get an idea on what the game is, this is what they struggle to figure out:

1: What game is this? A piggy game, a arsenal, a criminal game like jailbreak?

2: Whats the point of the game, or even the title?!

3: The editing is annoying, black screen every 3 seconds is not suspensful and its bad music for the trailer


Way, way, way too many cuts…
Also, this doesn’t look like it’s ready to be shown to the public yet, so you should probably make a better trailer when you finish most of the gameplay, but bugs wont matter if you’re just showing it off.


Yeah, you should probably tell the title, or tell what it’s about.

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Overall 4/10, I think you should remove the teaser trailer and wait till there is actually some good content, a title, less cuts, better editing, information, and better video photage with action, this is not a teaser trailer, sorry @ItsPlasmaRBLX .

You’re right. I should wait for more content, thanks for the honest feedback! :+1: