Game tester [closed]

Hi i am HS, i want to test games for people since i discovered that i am world worse scripter, horrible builder and such bad animator.

Sunday and Saturday only

I accept every amount of robux above zero and i accept steam games too (if you have a good game you dont need to pay me.

Thats it, feel free to hire me

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I am interessed! Do you have something to send message or you use the devforum?

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I use devforum, i dont like discord

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Oh! its okay.
If you want know about the game there is the link
The link

Cool! So you want to do something like a space adventure with chapters, it is a very good idea! I just want to know, is the game done or something, and if it is playable where i can test?

You will can test it in 2 week be ready :grinning: I will message you when the game is done (Ps! The game will be called Atlas I)

Good name, i just need some information, what is the category of the game, it will be something that everyone can play or it will more dark and for older people.

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Its for all type of people. The game is a story with chapter to resolve. Its a game story of the space.

Ok, good development and good luck!

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I will message you when the game is ready to be tested :grinning: