(OPEN) I search devs to make a big game no long-term to make a game with chapters and puzzle

Before you start reading i want tell I try to be better in english so please be understanding.


I am Thomas,

I search a builder, scripter, a voice actor(tress), Gfx and a composer and modeler to make a game with chapters and puzzle to resolve. The payment will be % of the revenue of the game I search also people work for free There is the percentage for each type of dev: builder 20%, GFX 15%, composer 10%, scripter 20%, modeler 20%, voice actor(tress) 15%. HE WILL HAVE NO REFUND FOR BUILD AND SCRIPT MAKED IN THE GAME if the game fail. You must be need to be experienced(+2 years) and its will be a team of 5 people max, so its will be a small team. There is the first thing the builder will need to make:

image_1199205_20200929_ob_b64faa_5082018-jpg-r-1920-1080-f-jpg-q-x-xxyx (2)

For scripter its will be to make some gui and also to make some cutscene and inventory system, shop to buy some character and more…

The modeler will make some furniture for the control room of the Ro-Nasa and the inside of the big rocket I will put some picture. The modeler need to can make custom skin like in piggy, there is an exemple of what i mean:
Nevermind of the platform you use to work its can be blender or roblox.

unnamed (1)
and much more…

And for other i will tell you in private if you dm me on the devforum or on discord.


You can contact me on the devforum or on discord there is my username:
Lucifer Morning Star # 9643(no space)

Please send a comment to this post if you send me a friend request on discord or a message on the devforum.

You must be +13 years old to join the team. And you must be can work the weekends and the week. Also you must be active on the devforum or discord.

You can post your question in the comment i will try to anwser it as fast I can.


Thanks to have read :grinning:


I don’t like to be negative, but I really don’t think you’ll be able to find a developer that will work with these terms. You should try providing a more accurate description and sense of what payment the developers will get, and you might want to try organizing your message more as it’s quite difficult to read. I’d also recommend providing a better plan on what might happen if the game does end up failing. Personally, I’d only accept any kind of job if there was some kind of backup payment or refund incase the game flops. Other then that, the game looks intriguing and I’ll be excited to play it when it releases! happy developing and good luck. :hugs:


Voice actors and composers shouldn’t be paid the same percentage as builders and scripters, since the builders and scripters carry the brunt of the workload.


Okay i will change that.

Thanks for your comment.


I think you should plan it a little more, such as someone else said a builder and scripter shouldn’t be paid as much as a voice actor.


Thanks for your comment i will send you a message when the game will be realesed.


Of course! Glad I could be helpful, good luck with your game! :slight_smile:


Thank you eqlla!

See you soon :wink:


This guy tried to commission me for voice acting and never got back to me about what he wanted, Very flaky and uncommunicative in my opinion.

Anyone who wants proof of these claims is welcome to it.

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