Game tester for hire!

:mag:About Me! :mag:

This post is not about game testing anymore. Sorry for the inconvenience

My name is Maxim,and Im currently in my college years. I build on roblox studio whenever I have time to spare (Attending College and Working ain’t the best combo as you may know…). I have been using roblox studio for a while now (About 5 years ago). I can’t code at all, but I can build decent enough things to call myself some sort of Builder. If you ever need a person to build stuff, I can help you :hammer:

:watch:Availability :watch:

It really depens on the days.
Here is my schedule that I should mainly be available each day:
------------------(Timezone: EST)------------------------
On Weekdays:
From 3PM till 10PM
(except for monday, Im available starting at 10AM (Weird college Schedule…))

On Weekends:
From 8AM till 10PM

Some Work I have done in the past:

:dollar: Payment :dollar:

I don’t ask to be paid right now. (I do the work for free) Just be in mind that I don’t want to be worked to the bone and yeah. I have to balance my work life with my college life.


You can contact me via twitter and roblox Monty - Roblox . .

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: :heart: