Game thumbnail order does not save

Trying to re-order my thumbnails in the configure page and clicking the “save” button.
Roblox automatically returns me to the place link with no changes to the ordering of images in the gallery.

Edit: At first I was not able to repro, but now I am definitely seeing a problem.

The order in the settings is:
statue > smiley > video

But when you first come to the page it plays statue > video and skips the smiley.

I think this actually two bugs:

[li]You can’t change thumbnail order on group owned games. We’ll try to fix that in the coming week.[/li]
[li]For some reason, no matter what order you put them in, a YouTube video thumbnail always come second.[/li]

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@TobotRobot Youtube videos has been number 1 for a long time O_e

This is still a problem

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  1. Copy and paste this on four threads
  2. Log out and log back in
  3. Press F5
  4. Open your game page and look at your thumbnails

Will this be fixed any time soon? I bumped a post on this a while ago.

This should be fixed now. Sorry for the delay.