Game Tile Names Flickering

When doing the unusual today, playing games on my phone, I opened the ROBLOX app for purposes.
However, when scrolling down on the main menu ( Last Played Games, Continue Playing, What Your Friends Are Playing ) I noticed, that the game names were flicking, and bugging out. Meanwhile it is small, it is very frustrating to face.

Steps to potentially reproduce
1. Open the ROBLOX app
2 Get to the main menu (Last Played, etc.).
3. Do slow, long scrolls while focusing on a game name.
The text should start flicking each time you scroll.

Device : Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus, 64 GB, 4GB RAM Version

Steps taken to troubleshoot
1. I’ve reinstalled ROBLOX, Cleaned the Cache.
2. I’ve performed a device wipe, with a backup.

Video Material below. Focus on a specific game name (ex. Egg Hunt 2018, Bloxy Awards) to see the bug clearly.

Will be looking for solutions
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