Game Title bug - Please help

My game name is being flagged as Inappropriate by Roblox, my game name is Mount Kenya it is very appropriate but Roblox is not allowing it, even adding a numerical figure in the description is not being allowed, please help me.

Here is some proof…


I wouldn’t want to start off in a racist tone, but the country or term Kenya may be blacklisted to prevent racism in its synonymous forms.

An example of what I mean is players joining your game and dressing up as dark skinned people and abusing the game name etc, you probably get my my idea.

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I actually think that’s very bad as all countries should not be blacklisted which ever race… and the game is a Mountain, and there is nothing Racial in it, other Mountains like Mount Everest RP, Kilimanjaro are not flagged but Mount Kenya is… its disappointing…


What I said was just an assumption though, I don’t exactly know why Mount Kenya or Kenya is blacklisted, however I have a strong feeling that it has something to do with racism. If you want to get a direct answer, you may email roblox support or message the moderator group.

Alright, I will find a way, But this is really disappointing as Roblox should know there are players in Kenya and Africa playing the game… one of them include me…


This isn’t a bug, the warning is very literal. The filter flags your game’s title as inappropriate and thus your text is rejected. Find another name for this. You could also make a post in Chat/Text Filter Review Requests to request for this to be whitelisted, provided you are a full member of the forums.

I would also suggest you move this over to #development-support:design-support and remove the bug tag. This isn’t a building related question, nor is it a bug.

It seems to be working for me as I tested it myself, here’s the renamed game,

Maybe this has something to do with your account, is your account over 13?

Well his account has to be above 13 in the first place to join the forum :woman_shrugging:t2: Unless he was using another account :thinking:

This is in the wrong category. If you want to put it in the bug report category, please use the post approval process.
Directions on how to utilize the process can be found here. Rule 15.1