Game Trailer Feedback

ESPY is a project that started development in May 2024, it is going to be an original game inspired by real games such as Max Payne 1, Just Cause 3 and Hitman Contracts.

I plan on making the DEMO version include at least 3 singleplayer story missions along with fully working multiplayer. Do you like the first trailer so far and do you have any suggestions?

This game is going to improve what Hitman Reborn has done wrong.

Watch ESPY Trailer 1:
Roblox ESPY DEMO - Trailer 1 | Zombie2358 - YouTube


Overall, I think the largest issue is that it isn’t clear what the player’s objective actually is from the video alone. You provide it in the DevForum post, but the video could be just as applicable for a sandbox where players just attack respawning NPCs and can blow certain things up.

A few other things that stuck out:

  • I think that there is too much time before the game is actually shown. The game isn’t shown until 12 seconds into the video. Potential players might click off in this time.
  • The gameplay was more compelling than just a the player model shooting an NPC, because it gives an idea of how the game plays.
  • The clip between 0:56 and 0:58 where it takes two seconds to shoot the third light isn’t super flattering for the game.
  • Immediately after this, isn’t so flattering either when two NPCs are shooting the character and they are killed. It makes it look like the player is somewhat invincible, which suggests the difficulty isn’t that much.

Overall, I wouldn’t take it as bad, just that you want to really optimize the use of time in each second. Imagine that for every second, there is a 2% chance that someone clicks off the video. The number doesn’t matter nor does the realism of that, but it’s a useful tool for ensuring that you maximize each second as much as you can.


first impressions are everything, this trailer feels like it was made in a hurry. There was 1 map where gameplay is shown. Some weird animations and player models aswell with some poorly shown mechanics.

I think you should refine more of the animations, hide the ui, and better lighting. The title looks great, good job on that. But, everything else feels anticlimatic.

I also think music choice wasnt great, it looks as if its a stealth game (could be wrong but based off of trailer) but with medium pace action music. Id rather have a more suspenseful music for such.

Lol this kinda reminds of the “Silent Hill 2 Remake Combat Trailer” thing. But yeah, even though the trailer was made only a few days ago, the current version of game is already 10 times better than what was shown in the first trailer. The game is more of an action game though since being stealthy won’t probably work out. I believe I’ll make a few more trailers before the DEMO drops to the public.