Game Traveler Gun | A new way to teleport between places using a tool!


I was bored so I created this simple gun which allows you to teleport between places using a gun that geneates portals to lead players to another experience. It is simple to use and also free!

1. How can I use it?

  • Get the model for the gun and insert it in your game.
  • To use the gun, play your game and hold it. Click anywhere so a portal generates in the right coordonates, it depends on your mouse position, once that is done, head over to the portal to configure which experience it should lead to, click the magnifying glass button to open a menu that has buttons to choose from, to select a game, click on of the buttons. Some sparkles will show up and the portal will show you the selected experience. You can then enter the portal to teleport to the seleced experience! You can also delete it by clicking on the “X” button, it will also delete itself after a selected time of life time!

2. How can I add more games?

  • Simple! Inside of the portal, you will find a script, with a folder inside of it, that’s where all the games are stored in there. To create a new game, you should:

Create a string value, with the name of your experience. And set its value to anything you’d like. After that, create a number value under the name of “GameID” inside the string value, set its value to the game ID you want your players to be teleported to.

3. Requirement
If you want the portal to let you teleport to multiple places, enable third party teleports in your game settings.

Get the model here!

Thanks for reading.


This no longer works. Tried and tested.

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Did you change it to the ids of your place?

Any errors in output?