Game UI broke without a reason

Notifications used to look good and now there’s a gap on my icons

Yesterday it used to work and without doing nothing it broke, how could i fix.

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Did you make any changes in any scripts?
If not, it could be a bug.

Changed nothing, tried reverting game changes but bug is there.

Are the notifications in a UI List Layout?

Yes, If it’s the thing causing problem it used to work.

Try changing the padding maybe?

Theres no padding like its setted to 0 but ill try changing, the thing is its suppossed to be inside a frame it isnt getting sized correctly.

It’s probably because the text inside has a bigger textsize than the actual size of the textlabel

Just cheeked it isn’t the cause.

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Roblox fixed bug, it appeared when u had custom size and a list.

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