Game under review


Our game was recently put under review for containing a social link (for player support).
We’ve fixed the issue, but I’m wondering how long it generally takes for Roblox to open the game up again?
We’re down thousands of players.

Games can be down for hours, days, weeks etc. in games that I’ve worked with in the past that got taken down, they had to notify roblox. Not sure if thats still the case as it has been a while. Try to publish the game maybe?

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To my knowledge, it is your responsibility to contact the appeals team once you’ve made the required changes.

You can contact them here:

or email

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Thanks for the answers.
As soon as we received note we fixed the issue and emailed Roblox about it.
I’m just curious if anyone has any experience with this, and how long they took to recheck their games?

We finally have it fixed, here’s the full story.

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