Game Update Trailer - Feedback

Hello Everyone!

I need some feedback on a trailer I put together in about 8 hours tops.

I used Adobe Premiere Pro to do the editing, and my built in computer recording software for screen recording. I filmed this completely alone.

I would like some constructive feedback on it, and please don’t hate too much on me, this is my first time ever editing with Premiere Pro, and my first ever trailer I’ve made.

With all the above taken into consideration, here’s the Update Trailer for my Game, West Oahu, HI.



You made Hawaii look very generic

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Love how the city looks! Did you do the vehicles and road systems yourself?

Thanks !

The buildings and roads were made by me, completely from scratch, with no plug-in used for roads.

The vehicles were contributed to the game, with the chassis being a modified version of A-Chassis 6, using plugins and UIs made by me.

If you wanted to check out the game that’s published with the changes seen in the video, there is a West Oahu, HI. Developer Version 4 Place.

Thanks for your comment !

I plan to release a version after the whole base map is done that has realistic features to relate more to the real life version of Waipahu, Hawaii.

I understand that it does look generic at this stage, and the main reason for that is because when I first started this project, I wanted things to look new and polished, but in real life, some places don’t look too similar to in-game, but I tired my best to replicate. Btw, I do actually live in this area irl, which is why I started this project of West Oahu, HI and Anykine Studios.

Thanks for your comment !!

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