Game using 2000+ MB of memory - PLEASE HELP

Hello, I have a county game however it uses 2000+ MB memory immediately when you spawn in.

The game has no lag/performance problems on PC, but mobile devices the game doesnt even load and it crashes roblox. This severly severes my player count.

The thing is, once you are in the game after a while, the memory goes down to about 1700 MB of usuage.

Ive tried to switch the game’s trees to just two mesh simple trees, as there is a large volume, however it did not help. Before, the trees used two meshes and multiple SurfaceGraphics. .

The game has memory problems with:
PhysicsParts - 800 MB
GraphicsParts - 330 MB
Graphics Texture - 262 MB
remder/lightgrid - 100 MB

Please help!

The client is using all of this memory. I recommend enabling Workspace.StreamingEnabled, and change the following in Workspace's streaming settings:

StreamOutBehavior = LowMemory
StreamingMinRadius = 100

Keep the rest of the settings at their default value.

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I use these for (imo) best performance:


This is pretty good, but I don’t recommend Opportunistic as the StreamOutBehavior. I recommend LowMemory, because streaming parts out is also performance expensive.

I find it handy when the player has a good enough PC for the memory of objects but still suffers with lag of high-tris meshes, do you have a source for it being more expensive?

I’d assume if I had a lot of models with the “StreamingMesh” level of detail setting it’d be a performance killer but I don’t use that property except for 2-3 objects.

Not really, it’s just my PC. I have a very performance-expensive map I test out which includes terrain and high-poly meshes.

When streaming out the terrain, I get lag spikes (but not very much). When streaming in the meshes, I also get lag spikes. If the player doesn’t have to stream in the meshes multiple times, then it wouldn’t be much of an issue. That’s why it’s LowMemory for me.

I’m not using that one I believe.

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