Game view leaves empty docklet space when snapped back

Whenever I separate the game view from the main studio window and put it back, it always leaves a blank space where there was no blank space before. The blank space would suggest that a studio docklet could be placed there, but this is not the case. It just turns into a patch of blank space that cannot be used. It’s pretty infuriating to deal with, because I have to restart Roblox Studio to get rid of it. It happens every time I separate the game view from the main Studio window and then attempt to put it back. The white space should not be there when the game window is put back into place, or it should at least be usable by a docklet.

Sometimes it freaks out so much, that fiddling with docklets in the empty space make Roblox Studio crash entirely, I have not yet found a solid reproduction for this though.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Launch studio
  2. Open any place
  3. Separate the game view from the main Studio window
  4. Put the game view back where it was
  5. Definitely not profit

Information about my system:

  • OS Version: Windows 10 (1607)
  • Studio Version: 0.315.1.163458

Video for clarification:


I get the same problem.

I think a better description is that you can’t put it back where it was. If you have multiple tabs open then you’ll notice that whatever tabs you make their own window you can’t merge back with the other tabs again; you can only split the view and put it on top/bottom. This is not a big problem for scripts, you can just close/re-open , but for places that’s not possible without closing/opening the place.

If this happens to you again, you should be able to redock the window if you click and drag on the window name. We’ve added this to our backlog.

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