Game will not load and a performance menu occurs

I really have no idea what category this should be in.

First of all, there is an infinite loading game loop.

Then there is the performance tab on the whole screen. Note that I’ve tried to close it but it only works for the sidebar, not the place itself.

I’m scared that I won’t be able to edit my game anymore. Any ideas as to why this may occur?

“Did you try re-installing Roblox Studio?”

Yes, I have. The problem still persists. While testing it on an alternate account, the loading part doesn’t stay, but the performance menu does.

Can you try pressing this button a couple of times, to see if it does anything:

If not, what options appear when you press “Switch Windows”

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Check if: Graphics Mode in studios settings is set to “No Graphics” instead of “Automatic”

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Ah, so that’s the case. Thank you so much.

I’m on a Mac, so I thought the graphics would lower or something.