Game with custom skins, is it againt roblox ToS?

There’s a game i want to create but im not sure if its okay for roblox ToS.

In the game you can create custom skins out of blocks and rgb values similar to minecraft.
But the thing is that some people might do nsfw skins that will lead to the game and my account being moderated.

If i will do system where skin you made will have to go through ingame moderation by me or any other trusted person, will it still be against roblox ToS?

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Well obviously it isn’t against TOS if you get skin requests, check them and then put them into the game but doing this for every single person is a ridiculous plan. Unless you’re planning for the game to be very small, I’d recommend considering another solution, such as having pre-made skins, or allowing a combination of pre-made clothing, accessories etc.

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Thanks for your answer.
Im considering a solution where you can make a custom skin if you buy a gamepass, so the flow of requests will be smaller, and checked skins will go into global list where everyone can use it.