Game With Real Life Conflicts of 20th century

Is it okay for me to make a game about real life conflicts that took place in the 20th century?

I’m mainly focused on WW1 to WW2 all the way to the Cold War.

Not sure if I should alter names of real cities or places where the battles took place?

Should I alter the names of nations that took part in those conflicts?

What about flags? Am I allowed to for example include WW2 german cross flag or USSR hammer and sickle flag?

Does it depend on the “age” of these conflicts. For example the US war in vietnam would not be allowed?

I know what TOS says but I’ve seen quite popular games on roblox that are focused on for example World War 1/2 and there is no issue with them.

I would really appreciate if somebody could clear this up for me.

Read. The. Rules. Please!

TL;DR: No! You cannot make games in roblox based on real-life tragedies as you state.

About the games that you state that have such events, well, changing up the name would not be harmful. You can change up most of the things like the german flag, the sickle and hammer of the USSR etc. The theme can be the same but you should make it look like that you took “inspiration” from said tragedies.

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I see.

I was wondering since there are games on Roblox that are named after certain battles and conflicts such as:

Trench Wars of WW1
Finnish invasion of East Karelia

I could give hundreds of examples but I think you get my point.

Is navel wars counted?
Like that game where the :eagle::us::us: attached kamikaze people

I have mentioned that you can take inspiration. I see that those games have not simply 1:1 copied everything but made it in their own ways. You can do it like that. I said to change up the flags and stuff if and only if you are to replicate it 1:1. If you don’t wanna do all the actions 1:1 then you can keep the flags as well. (Except the german flag for obvious reasons.)

Naval Warfare, a very popular game based on the same tragedy exists. But, it is executed in its own ways. So yes.

I can agree.

It’s not like putting straight up nazi swastika into the game is a proper thing to do.

What about dates? Can I include real life events such as Polish Invasion in 1939? Or should I alter the events so that it’s just a certain “team” attacking another “team” in 1939?

I guess yea, dates seem fine.

Alright Thank You for explanation!


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