Game with Streaming Enabled has terrible lag?

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I’m trying to achieve a large-scale game with streaming enabled.

  1. What is the issue? Include enough details if possible!

Even though only around 3k parts are in the scene, I struggle with render fps and network fps.
This game is 140k parts currently, hence the need for partstreaming. its a driving game, and so i need it for it to function.

Im getting 20fps all around the game; regardless of graphics level.

  1. What solutions have you thought of so far?

Setting collisions for unnecessary parts to cancollide off, box collisions, cantouch/canquery off
unions and meshes set to renderfidelity automatic

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What is your streaming enabled settings?

Streaming Enabled isn’t the “fix lag” button, its a feature to reduce lag.

You could try changing the minimum and maximum streaming radius to be lower, and or reduce detail on objects that don’t need it.

For example, change door models to images of the model to reduce polygon count, and have very very low poly and low detail buildings.

Example building:

Essentially, reduce polygon count where ever you can, and if you game is lagging terribly after, there may be something wrong with your code or the models that are the main focus of the game.

this should not be the issue. i have isolated the map to the most part-heavy part of the map in a separate game, and it runs perfectly fine.