GameAnalytics help needed!

I read through all the events on gameanalytics, and I don’t know how I should do this. I want to gather data from every match played so at the end of a match there would be a table like this sent:

local gamestats = 
    ["survivors"] = 4, -- how many survivors in game
    ["survivorsEscaped"] = 3, -- how many survivors escaped
    ["killerPerk"] = "huntress", -- a killer who can throw their weapon
    ["plrsHooked"] = 12, -- plrs hooked a total of 12 times
    ["gameLength"] = 304, -- 304 seconds
    ["player1"] = {perk = "technician", timesHooked = "3", escaped = true},
    ["player2"] = {perk = "sprinter", timesHooked = "2", escaped = true},
    ["player3"] = {perk = "technician", timesHooked = "4", escaped = false},
    ["player4"] = {perk = "escapist", timesHooked = "3", escaped = true}

what events would I use and how would I send all this data? with this I would be able to determine which perk is the most likely to escape, which killer drags out the match the longest, which killer hooks most players, which killer has highest winrate, etc. This would help me balance my game. Thanks

What I’d use is a Module script, allowing the server and client to see the data. Then connect to the module using require() if the data needs to be changed. Although, I would use require() server side, so I’d use a RemoteEvent if you need to send client info to the module.