GamebringerDev / Programmer


I am… GamebringerDev
Some peoples fired me :sweat_smile:
Some peoples hired me :sunglasses:
I have enough experince you needed


Hello world! I am GamebringerDev im 16 years old and I love to experince world. Since I was a child ive ever been excited to computers and how do they work? Because I was stubborn and I am gonna discover how do they work one day anyways cough

For referance: (2.6 MB) (1.5 KB)

I have more going on…
Contact me:

Roblox: GamebringerDev
Blox City: GamebringerDev
Supercell: GamebringerDev
Discord: GamebringerDev
Yaay: @GamebringerDev
Minecraft: GamebringerDev

All theese accounts are official and up-to-date

Stay with :heart:

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