game.CreatorType is Enum.CreatorType.User in group games on the client

Reproduction Steps
In a local script, access the property game.CreatorType

Expected Behavior
game.CreatorType should return Enum.CreatorType.Group if the game is owned by a group.

Actual Behavior
Enum.CreatorType.User is returned in group owned games.
It happens only in Roblox Studio.
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Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly

Do you get this in PlaySolo testing?

what you get if you test this with Local Server? (TEST → Local Server → 1 Player → Start)

Yes I forgot to mention I tested the bug in PlaySolo testing. I confirm that it also happens with Local Server testing.

We’ll check what is going on there, thanks for the report

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I absolute need to have this issue fixed, it’s getting very annoying for me to manually remember to change a line of code whenever I want to test something with this property.

I tried using game.CreatorId instead of game.CreatorType, but clients in Studio always return 0 for group-owned games, which could be linked to this problem.

Any update on this? This bug still happens